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Tim Adams Handmade Irish Flute Blackwood

Tim Adams Handmade Irish Flute Blackwood

We are delighted to stock these handmade Irish wooden flutes from Tim Adams. Tim works in Sweden in his own workshop to make affordable Flutes of the highest quality. He uses carefully and ethically sourced mature tonewoods, and each instrument comes complete with cover, cleaning tools, and the unique Tim Adams F plug (see below) 

These lovely flutes also come in a small hands version in Mopane; ideally suited for young players or those with small hands. 

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Flute design and construction

A Tim Adams Irish flute is lightweight (280 grams), well tuned and easy to play. The inside bore is conical to enable you to move easily between octaves and the tone holes are placed to suit normal sized and smaller hands.

Five pieces. One flute

A Tim Adams Irish Flute is 5 pieces including cork and end cap. The headpiece has a cylindrical standard 19 mm reamed bore and about 20 mm north of the embouchure the cork is placed for best tonality. The embouchure is formed as an ellipse. At the north end of the headpiece is the end cap. The main (middle) piece is tapered (conical) outside and inside. The inside reamed taper has three sections - fast, slow, fast. Then comes the foot. This has a cylindrical 13 mm reamed bore and two tone holes - the low D.

The Adams F plug

This is Tim Adam's own innovation – the Scale Changer. It is a plug that fits precisely into the F# tone hole. The hole in the plug is half the diameter of the F# hole which sinks the tone by a semi-tone to give you an F." ‘Who wants an F?’ you might say, I do. It’s a useful note to have if you want to explore some eastern or southern European music or Scandinavian music, without having to spend a relative small fortune on a flute with keys."

400 EUR

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